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SOLATION CHAMBERS (ICH) are used for protection of the operator and the environment when handling OEL1 – OEL5 products. ICH is the product for individual design. The configuration and complete set of ICH depend on the shape of the frame, features of the process and are agreed at the stage of creation of the technical specification. ICH can maintain production conditions of GMP with low humidity and low oxygen content (< 10 %).

FLEXIBLE ISOLATORS are used in pharmaceutical and chemical industry. It is provided the safe
operation with the toxic agents, including:
– weighing, grinding and dispense operations,
– transportation in the drums,
– aseptic treatment of small desktop equipment such as mills, sieves and blenders.

– only certified materials that do not contain phthalates;
– easy installation and disinfection;
– the gloves aseptic replacement system in glove ports;
– the maintaining positive and negative pressure;
– the protection of the operator from the product harmful effects;
– the protection of the product from harmful environmental effects;
– the clear visibility during operation;
– the installation of filters of the required efficiency classes;
– control of tightness and specified parameters at the stage of output control;
– the possibility of manufacturing connecting elements and fittings of various configurations
on own milling area.

НЕРА-FILTER for purification of supply and exhaust air.

GASTIGHT ZIPPER provides the fully sealed, excluding the pressure loss inside the chamber.

GLOVE PORTS WITH ASEPTIC GLOVE REPLACEMENT for the safe manipulations with the materials and the tools.

PASS SLUICE for the safe unloading and loading of materials and equipment.

HOSE FITTING AND AIR REMOVAL for creation the necessary air environment parameters inside the camera.

SEALED LEAD-IN for fitting the sensors of the equipment and gas air mixture to the chamber.

VENTILATION MODULE for automatically maintain the specified pressure.

CONTINUOUS LINERS assure the safe and effective transfer of powders, giving operators the ability to fill multiple drums without breaking containment.

Manufacturing of the customized chambers in accordance with customer’s requirements.
Also it is possible the manufacture of the fully-featured workplaces with control and maintenance
system of specified air parameters with both positive and negative pressure inside the chambers.

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