Guangzhou International Emergency Safety EXPO (IESE 2022)

The official dealers of LAMSYSTEMS presented the portable isolator X-BIO at Guangzhou International Emergency Safety EXPO (China).

Two samples were combined in one set for demonstration: LAMSYSTEMS portable isolator and the unmanned all-terrain vehicle JONYANG.

There were social rescue units among the interested visitors, including: a rescue group for dangerous chemicals of the Guangzhou Huada district, Shanzhen’s emergency rescue service for dangerous chemicals, some fire brigades, as well as diseases control departments, etc.

Our dealers exchanged by сontact information with representatives of each departments for working out the variants for cooperation.

The portable isolator X-BIO has become the only presented isolator at the exhibition. Visitors showed great interest in this product. Also, many visitors noted that at present there is no similar portable isolator with a modes of positive and negative pressure in the Chinese market, which significantly expands the possibilities of using the isolator in various fields.

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