Portable isolator X-BIO for CT scan

A portable isolator has established itself as an effective product for safe transportation of patients for  potentially infected with especially dangerous diseases or patients infected with microbiological substances (or patients with weakened immunity) to the stationary medical facility. For these purposes, portable isolator is successfully applied by Russian health and foreign health units.

Our experts wondered the use of it not only for “external” transportations, but also to exclude the risk of spreading the infection inside the hospital, for example, when the moving of patients between units for examination.

During the pandemic Covid-19 especially needed the examination on the computed tomography apparatus (CT). According to the existing regulations, is required a procedure for disinfecting the CT apparatus after each patient with dangerous diseases (and suspicions of them), as well as the ventilation of the room in which it is located. All these actions block the work the CT in the room with for a long time. Meanwhile, the use of portable isolator would exclude the need for such disinfection and, accordingly, increase the throughput of the CT unit.

Therefore LASMSYSTEMS specialists made the test applicability of a portable isolator in computed tomography. The tests showed that the design is quite suitable for use in the CT apparatus: isolator dimensions allow to place it inside in compliance with the necessary positioning during the procedure. Tests for the electromagnetic compatibility of boxing and the CT apparatus were also carried out. The violations of the systems operation were not identified on either side.

The discussion of this method with health specialists showed that there is reason to believe that the use of the X-Bio portable isolator for isolation the patient during the examination will significantly reduce the spread of infection inside the hospital, and also increase the throughput of the CT cabinet. The disinfection of the transportation isolator itself takes a much less time and is carried out separately, without affecting the operation of the CT unit.

Constant work on improving the technical characteristics of serial products is as important for LAMSYSTEMS specialists as the development of new products. We always strive to receive feedback from users and find new opportunities for the use of our healthcare products.

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