The rescue operations with portable isolator X-Bio

The field of application of the portable isolator X-BIO is constantly expanding. The rescue services of China are considering the possibility of isolators purchase. Our dealers demonstrated the portable isolator to the Longgang County Emergency Rescue Team (in Shenzhen).

They informed about the principle of isolator operation, its functions and application scenarios. Together with the employees of the service, they made a training transportation of the victim in the isolator. Now, due to the epidemic situation, service personnel during the rescue operation are at risk of contracting coronavirus (COVID-19). The using of the isolator protects the firefighters safe from this risk. The specialists of the medical and anti-epidemic services called attention to this equipment. Firefighters’ equipment protects against fire damage, physical damage, and smoke inhalation, but does not protect against contamination. Poertable isolator provides this type of protection.

The fire department assessed the ease of use of the portable isolator, noting that the Shenzhen Fire and Rescue Service does not have a similar product. They will prepare and send a report on the prospects for using this isolator in rescue operations.

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